Upping my game….

After being married for so long, I had become stale at knowing what I wanted and desired and how to make myself feel sexy. I wore the same boring plain underwear uniform I had for years. I masturbated to the same old tune each time, I knew what worked and just bashed them out like clockwork when the mood struck.

I needed to shake things up. I started by spending inordinate amounts of money on lingerie. Lace sets, holster bras, stockings, crotchless knickers (this was actually an accident but when they arrived I thought “why not”). I stumped up the best part of £100 for a Lelo Isla vibrator on a friend’s recommendation, ladies it’s expensive, but it’s so worth it. I decided to venture into a world of pubic waxing. I’d never been near a wax pot, save for my brows, and dived straight in the deep end for a Brazilian. I fucking loved it. Not only is it much better than shaving but also I’ve found generally going hair less around your clit heightens sensitivity threefold.

I didn’t do this for anyone but myself and as a result I began to feel insatiable. Even though I was still having no sex and just upping my masturbation game, it felt good.

Feeling sexy made me feel more confident about sex (when you haven’t had it in so long, you do wonder whether it is in fact like riding a bike, or whether you’ll need training wheels again), which in turn made me hornier, a slightly vicious cycle as I hadn’t actually found anyone to fuck yet….


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