Interview with Mistress Maya

Today I've spoken to professional dominatrix Mistress Maya about her work and how she become a domme. When did you first become a professional dominatrix?  Because of my huge clientele, level of success, expertise and natural aptitude for this line of work, people expect to me say years, but I started professional domming in Manchester around … Continue reading Interview with Mistress Maya


Blast from the past….

Back in December I was scrolling through Tinder when someone popped up that I recognised. A guy I worked with over a decade ago. I use “worked with” loosely as we were simply employed by the same gym. I would make lattes and cappuccinos for ladies after their aqua fit classes whilst sneaking biscuits and … Continue reading Blast from the past….

Guest Post – Cinnamon, My Sissy Journey of Humiliation

The more I’ve explored my sexuality and the more I’ve opened up about it, it’s made me realise how many unusual different kinks people have, but also the lack of tolerance there is when anything differs from “the norm”. In a bid to try and discover more about the world of sex, sexuality and what … Continue reading Guest Post – Cinnamon, My Sissy Journey of Humiliation