Guest post – Anon: Small penises

A man who is insecure over the size of his penis got in touch with me to see what my thoughts were on this subject. This got me thinking, possibly many men who are below the average penis size, (which according to the NHS is 5.16” when erect) may be insecure about this, so I … Continue reading Guest post – Anon: Small penises


I broke my heart

I have no one to blame but by myself for this. I met him on Tinder. It was never meant to be anything other than something casual to my recollection, but I fell for him. I’ve known in my head it wasn’t going to be for months, he made that quite clear and didn’t lead … Continue reading I broke my heart


If you’re a woman on Instagram you’re likely to have had some messages or comments from creepy weirdoes asking to fuck/help with sex/show you their dick/send nudes. This is even more likely if like me (and many other babes) you post photos of yourself in looking fit as fuck in your underwear. So I’ve got … Continue reading InstaFuck…