Last Christmas… (TW suicide)

I found last Christmas exceptionally hard. It hadn’t been long since my husband and I had parted ways, and he had only recently left our marital home. I coped relatively well to begin with. I started this blog. I began having casual sex, which was something I wanted to do. I wasn’t ready for a … Continue reading Last Christmas… (TW suicide)


Knock knock… who’s there?

In this modern day casual sex has become quite the norm for both men and women alike. Apps such as Tinder make finding casual partners relatively really fucking easy, and if you don’t want to date, why shouldn’t you just hook up for some casual fun? But how do you make sure you’re safe and … Continue reading Knock knock… who’s there?

Porn panic… Digital Economy Bill

On 1st Dec 2014 Audio Visual Media Services introduced a series of regulations banning the following to be created within the UK pornography for distribution online or DVD pornography: Spanking, caning, aggressive whipping, penetration by any object "associated with violence", physical or verbal abuse (regardless of if consensual), urolagnia (known as "water sports"), role-playing as … Continue reading Porn panic… Digital Economy Bill