Body Confidence Project

This page is all about promoting body confidence for all. To say a massive “fuck you” to the body-shamers who have ever made anyone feel bad about a single thing about their own body, and to help normalise all bodies, because every body is normal.

I want to share unedited images of bodies that their owners love; whether it has taken them time to grow to love them or whether they have been shamed (out loud or internally)  because society has made them feel they should hide certain parts away (scars, stretch marks, excess hair, fat, misshapen boobs, pigmentation, jutting bones, the list is endless…..)

So here are some bodies, in all their beautiful unedited glory. We should look at what are bodies are, what they can achieve. Not be judged on how they look.

If you want to take part, get in touch via twitter @DinnerCocktales or email me at


NiamhI’m totally on board with anything that’s trying to get more representation and diversity out there! As you know, I’m very happy with my body and all I want is for people who maybe see a little bit of themselves in me to realise that it’s okay to look how they do and also be happy with themselves. I’ve attached one of the photos I’ve already posted on my own Instagram, but I think it’s an important photo! I lost a lot of weight (which I’ve said is not the answer or even an answer to happiness), especially because once I lost all that weight, I still didn’t look how I thought I would, or should. After all the struggles and trauma and fasting and hate and harmful, dangerous thoughts, was I really any further along? I still don’t really know how, but eventually I found a way to realise that yes, I am beautiful. I spent a lot of time just looking at my body in the mirror, trying to find the beauty in it. I think this is a really important thing to do. Some women won’t even look at themselves in the mirror because they feel they’re so repulsive, and not how society wants them to look. It breaks my heart. So here I am, trying to add my small voice into the collective “fuck you” that is building so much momentum against what society wants from us!

Instagram: hcupchronicles




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