Best sex / Bad times

I started writing this in March and with it now being November, things have certainly changed from the words I typed below. I wanted to post it, as since I split with my ex, this man is someone who I had cared about the most, and to this day remains the best sex I’ve ever … Continue reading Best sex / Bad times


Sexhibition 2016

Last week a friend and I headed up to Manchester for our first trip to Sexhibition. I bought our tickets several months ago for the Saturday as well as to a Kinetic Kinbaku workshop and Blow His Mind with Master Dominic. Unfortunately when I arrived and looked at the day’s schedule, the two workshops I … Continue reading Sexhibition 2016

Guest Post – Cinnamon, My Sissy Journey of Humiliation

The more I’ve explored my sexuality and the more I’ve opened up about it, it’s made me realise how many unusual different kinks people have, but also the lack of tolerance there is when anything differs from “the norm”. In a bid to try and discover more about the world of sex, sexuality and what … Continue reading Guest Post – Cinnamon, My Sissy Journey of Humiliation